Kathleen Ingalls, DPT

Kathleen Ingalls, Doctor of Physical Therapy, has been a member of The Flathead Valley’s orthopedic rehabilitative community since 2005.  Kathleen completed her undergraduate studies at Humboldt State University, graduating in 1999; earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology.   Subsequently, Kathleen received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Puget Sound, with extensive experience in therapeutic settings including outpatient and inpatient orthopedic, neurologic, cardiac, long-term care, and hand rehabilitation.

In 2008, Kat established Mindful Motion Physical Therapy and Wellness in Kalispell Montana; its mission, to provide skilled individualized therapy, by specializing in the education and treatment of postural and movement patterns which have been caused by injury and pain.  In 2005 Kat presented her published abstract, “Upper Extremity, Neck or Thoracic Neuromusculoskeletal Findings Among College Students: Comparison of Upper String Musicians and Non-Upper String Musicians”, at the Medical Problems of Musicians & Dancers Symposium in Aspen, Colorado.  “Doctor Kat” as she is known, also became a certified Graston Technique practitioner in 2007. Recently she became the co-founder of the Red Barn Wellness Collective, with a stated mission to support integrative medicine, combine holistic health with traditional medical practices and help bridge the gap between clients and their healthcare practitioners.

With enthusiasm, Kathleen Ingalls continues to pursue advancement as a skilled practitioner in manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercise prescription and functional movement patterns. As an APTA (The American Physical Therapy Association) member and a credentialed clinical instructor, Kathleen Ingalls has made a continuing commitment to mentor interns to further the education of our future Physical Therapists.  Doctor Kat can also be found instructing body mechanic seminars at local organizations and businesses where she educates others about therapeutic exercise prescription, functional movement patterns, and general physical wellness.

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Kathleen’s skills focus on educating her clients about their unique physical-selves with the goal to heal, endorse wellness and promote a healthier life.

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